H E Y ,

You might have guessed, but that's me in the photo up there.

I am a multidisciplinary artist with a background in fine arts and print production, and a passion for great typography.
A big part of my work is taking traditional design practices and creating something new and fresh, equal parts nostalgic, rule-breaking and modern.

I graduated on the Dean's List with a Bachelor of Design (BDes) from Ryerson University's Fashion Communication program, and attended the TEKO School of Scandinavian design in Denmark.
It was this time living in Denmark that inspired my graduating thesis, which explored Scandinavian minimalism, its evolution, and how we can apply it to a North American more-is-more lifestyle.

Currently I am a freelance art director, designer, and illustrator in the beautiful city of Calgary, AB.

Prior to this I was the Production Manager at the Head Office of Le Château, where I oversaw all print production across Canada and art direction for PR assets, Product Knowledge books, and digital magazines among others.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your future project.
I love big ideas, a great conversation, and a good matcha tea.


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